Legit Fit

Personal Training 

Training Packages

Private Training

12 pack - $780 ($65 each)

6 pack - $420 ($70 each)

Single Session - $75

Duo Training


$25 per person

per session

Semi Private Training

(3-4 participants)

$18 per session


Private Training

Bridal Package

8 pack - $360

Rapid Reboot

Compression Boots

What Are The Benefits?

Intermittent, dynamic pneumatic (air) compression is a proven way of improving blood circulation and driving higher volumes of healthy, filtered and oxygen-rich blood to your muscles as they rebuild. The pressurized compartments in the recovery boots squeeze your legs.


Backed by research, this form of recovery shows that with consistent regular use, post workout, they reduce lactic acid buildup, delayed onset soreness, venous blood pooling, lymphatic drainage and physiologically prepares you for your next workout.

Rates for Services

$20 Regular Single Session

$10 Add On to any training or cryotherapy session

$40 5 Session Pack

$80 Monthly Unlimited

Meet Raquel Murphy

Owner, cPT

Raquel has a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois and is a certified Personal Trainer from ACE (American Council on Exercise).


With over 15 years of experience in fitness

and multiple certifications, Raquel's training style is a combination of Pilates, TRX, barre, core and strength training.


Workouts can be tailored for your goals

and body type.



"It only seems impossible until it is done."

I just got blood work results back. It's the best it's been since I found out I had a thyroid problem. My thyroid antibodies have always been high, which is one of the ways my issues were diagnosed. They look at 2 sets of antibodies and one of them is actually within the normal range and the other is much lower than it has been in years. Thanks for making me work harder than I ever would on my own. You are awesome!

 - Jeanne M.

Raquel is the first Trainer I have ever worked with who really listened to me and paid attention to my weaknesses. I suffer from lower back issues and she always makes sure whatever exercise she gives me is not compromising my back. Each workout is fun and different!

- Becca N.





6700 N Northwest Hwy

Chicago, IL 60631


Monday - Sunday

by Appointment

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